Monday, July 04, 2005


He paced the room, mindful of his leg. Damn Andre. Damn this whole miserable business.

They all thought they knew his reasons for doing what he did. And history... he shuddered to think of what history's judgment would be. But he didn't care. It had to be done. And clearly, he had been chosen to do it.

He had been shown a vision, it must have come from God; for who else can split the veil of time and show him of days yet to come? And what he saw chilled his blood.

He saw their grand experiment a hollow shell, the great democratic ideal simply rhetoric to justify tyranny. He saw a nation capable of greatness, too often led toward folly. He saw the end of all they sought to begin.

And he knew.

"We'll be no different," he whispered, glancing nervously around. Andre still hadn't arrived. Damn him! "As went the Roman republic, so shall ours. As we fight, so shall we in turn be fought against. No." He shook his head. "Better the Empire we know..."

He left the room. Andre wasn't coming. He feared the worst. The plan was lost, he was certain, but he would escape, he and his wife. And he would fight for what he'd fought against.

So the dream will stay pure, he would kill it before it can be born.


Chris said...

Happy Independence Day, everyone!

Lisa said...

sorta like exchanging a walk on part in your war for a lead role in a cage...

Sar said...

"...the great democratic ideal simply rhetoric to justify tyranny"

Hmmm, why does that seem to ring a bell?

Happy 4th to you too.

BTW, your funky specs make you look like an evil robot.

Chris said...

Exactly the look I was going for, Sar. Thank you for noticing. ;)

And, it's always a pleasure ::ahem:: ringing your bell.

Chris said...

And Lisa, yes. Very much like that. It's weird, but I always think of Pink Floyd this time of year. I'm not kidding. Something about the 4th of July makes me think about Thw Wall.

I'm glad I'm not the only one. :)

Sar said...

Yes, well, consider my bell yours for the ringing.