Wednesday, July 13, 2005

And So Was Born Creation

There was nothing.

And into that nothing flowed energy. And heat. And they swirled and roiled and spun for a thousand eternities before coalescing into beings of pure light.

She looked upon Him, and He upon Her. He felt a stirring within Him, and felt it echo within Her. She reached for Him, pulling Him close. Their energies danced, came together, pulled apart, atoms mingling to form molecules as He slowly entered into Her.

She wrapped Herself around Him and He clung to Her, and They moved together, Their energies pulsing in steady rhythm, Their light strobing from blue to purple to red to white-hot. Time and Love were created in that first moment, when two became one, then two once more. With a final pulsing shimmer of sparks, He entered Her one last time, Their orgasm echoing across the Void.

Her form swelled, growing round and full, Her light radiating a deep warm red that shone brighter than any of the stars to come. And with a cry that split the Void asunder forever, she did birth the Universe itself.

They watched Their child grow to infinity, spinning stars and galaxies and planets around Them.

And God and Goddess smiled upon Creation.


Hope-So said...

You are killing me! Not only are you stories brillant...they are getting me aroused. If you aren't careful your book of short stories will end up at The Pleasure Store. Ahh...fantastic. Beautful really. So imaginative. Thank you.

Sar said...

Wow, my experience in having my daughters was ironically similar.

Chris said...

I don't know what it is with me today, but I've just been all sorts of turned-on all day. So, I wanted to write something arousing, but different.

Glad I was able to pass the arousal around a bit, though. ;)

Chris said...

Sar, we keep posting at the same time. And was that the conception or just the birth?

Lisa said...

That was painfully beautiful, and so sexy, in a cosmic way.

Sar said...

Chris - case of great minds type alike, eh? To answer your question...similar to your story from conception through creation, both earth shattering events that rocked my world.

Chris said...

Thanks Lisa! This is actually a small part of a mythology I've created for a story I'm working on. That story will not likely show up here, as I am hoping to develop it as an animated feature film.

And Sar, good to know. ;)