Monday, September 19, 2005

She Waits for Him

It was cold, but she didn't mind. She was used to the cold, frankly, what with all the time she spent in this place. Sometimes she thought about bringing a chair and a book, to make the waiting go quicker, but she felt kind of silly. If anyone saw her...

She sighed. Her friends all told her to just give up on him. They said it wasn't healthy, always waiting on him like this. But they didn't understand. They didn't understand how much she loved him, how much he loved her. Yes, he'd changed over the years, but so had she. There were a few extra lines on her face, she'd gained a few extra pounds and a few extra inches around her middle. He never complained though, so how could she complain about him? No, her friends would never understand why she waited, or how she could love him as she did.

She wrapped her arms around herself, leaning back against a tree and smiling. She was remembering the day she first met him. It had been a warm summer day, and he had come upon her while she was swimming in the brook near her grandfather's farm. He surprised her, and then asked to join her. They'd spent the whole day swimming together, then had dinner that evening, and that night... well, she usually wasn't that sort of girl, but she'd known even then that he was the one. That there would never be another for her but him.

They shared so much. From the joy of him landing his dream job, to the sorrow of her father's sudden death. From the triumph of her successful business venture to the tragedy of his terrible accident, they shared everything. Loyalty, dedication, commitment. These were the things a solid relationship was based on. So few people understood that these days, especially her friends. She would show them, though. They would see what it was that made him so special. They would see what made him worth waiting for.

A sound made her look down towards the grave at her feet. The earth shifted and fell away, revealing two grasping rotted hands. She could barely contain herself as she watched him claw his way out of the ground. When he'd pulled himself fully out of his grave, she rushed into his decaying arms, kissing him passionately. His lips were mostly gone, but he was still the best kisser she'd ever known. And once she verified that there was still one thing that hadn't rotted away, she smiled wider, knowing she was in for one hell of a night.

A rough guttural moan rattled up out of his open mouth. She grinned and nodded. She was getting ahead of herself. Before they could have their fun, he had to eat. She took him by the skeletal hand and led him into the woods, where she'd tied her best friend to a tree.

She told her friends they'd see what made him so special. One at a time, they'd all see.

Right before he ate their brains.


Kat said...

ok, ewww. But interesting!

Sar said...

Damn! Tim Burton's got nothing on you! ;)

Rae Ann said...

*giggling wildly with deviant delight*

rAsp said...

Kickin' it with an 'old skool' tale of terror. Classic.
This reminds me of a '50s horror comic or something one might hear around the campfire.

My verification word was 'owlpox'

-rAsp (666)

Chris said...

Heh heh. Owlpox. That sounds like some weird new disease.

"Dude! What the hell is that all over your face?!"

"Aw man, I got the Owlpox. Don't get too close."

And, thanks, everybody. It had been a while since I'd written something twisted and creepy like this. Glad it went over so well. :)

Lisa said...

That was fucking great!!! I've missed you. Need to catch up...