Monday, August 08, 2005

An Eternity of Regret

Blasphemel stood atop a rocky outcropping, looking out over a lake of fire. The screams of the damned were particularly grating today, and he wished there was somewhere he could escape them.

There wasn't, so he settled for a nice view. Not that there were many views in Hell one could call "nice", but the aesthetics of the lake were pleasing enough. He shrugged, and his leather wings rasped against one another.

He sighed. He missed having feathers. He missed soaring through the vastness of Creation, rather than over the festering pits of Hell. He missed the music of Heaven. He missed his friends. He missed being beautiful, and he missed Love. He missed... he choked back tears.

He missed God.

There. He thought it. Okay? He missed God. Not for the first time, Blasphemel wished he'd never rebelled. Never turned his back on Him. Never Fell for eons into Darkness, his angelic beauty burning away until only a charred vile demon was left.

Another scream broke his reverie. Damned humans, he thought. Wretched little ape-things. Why did God have to go and give them brains? And freewill? It was madness! He'd thought it then, and still thought it now. Blasphemel knew, first hand, what horrors the humans visited upon each other with their big brains and freewill. He always knew no good would come of God's grand "experiment".

But maybe, just maybe, he should have kept quiet about it. There hadn't really been any point in shooting his mouth off, had there? Where had it gotten him? Hell, that was where. Yes, looking back on it, Blasphemel should have known how their little rebellion was going to go and stayed well out of it.

But Lucifer had been so damned convincing. Up in Heaven, when Lucifer spoke to you, well, it was the next best thing to speaking to God. He'd felt special, important, just to be asked to join Lucifer's crusade. He thought he was going to make a difference. He was working to save Creation from a horrible mistake.

Too late, he realized he'd been little more than a pawn for Lucifer's wounded ego.

Of course, it was "Satan" now. Woe unto any demon who dared call Satan "Lucifer" to his face. That would get your wings torn off, then sewn back on, then torn off again, and the rest of you fed to Satan's hounds. Blasphemel shivered at the thought of them. Foul creatures.

He shivered at the thought of Satan, too. Of all the former angels, he had changed the most when he Fell. As beautiful as Lucifer was, Satan was that ugly. Gone was Lucifer's charisma and irresistible charm. Satan ruled by fear and cruelty. The other demons whispered that, where God had loved Lucifer best, so did He hate Satan most of all.

Blasphemel turned away from the lake and the screaming souls. Acid tears sliced gouges in his ravaged scaled flesh, falling to the bare rock with an audible hiss. He fell to his knees, claws raking the ground, and did something he'd sworn never to do again.

He prayed.

"Dear Lord in Heaven, forgive me!" he cried. "Please, forsake me no longer! I admit my mistake, and my black heart fills with naught but regret! Please! I beseech you! Take me home!" He buried his face in his hands.

"Please God, I want to come home."

There was no answer, save a deep mournful howling. God could not hear his prayer, but Satan had, and he'd set his hounds upon Blasphemel. They would be here soon. When they finished with him, they would drag his ravaged body back to their dread master and Blasphemel would suffer millennia of torture.

A thought struck him then. What if he ran? What if he hid? What if he found others like him, regretful and filled with bitter longing for a home forever denied them? He flapped his massive leather wings, flying far out to the edges of Hell's domain. An idea began to form in his mind.

Yes, he would find others like him. He would gather them to him.

And they would rebel.


Chris said...

I would like to humbly thank Lisa for this idea. She suggested it to me in an email, and I thought it was a great concept. I hope the execution measures up.

Kat said...

I love it! Will there be more stories of Blasphemel? The ending sounds like there may be more coming.

rohitramgiri said...

loved this !
looks like you diversifying a wee bit but man this is homerun!!!!!!

Rae Ann said...

I love the idea of a rebellion in Hell. Maybe God hears the prayers of those in Hell but wants them to prove how much they want out by staging a rebellion? Very cool story! Oh, and I ordered a printed copy of your book. Can't wait to read it!

Chris said...

Kat, thank you. I think the fate of Blasphemel might be best left up to your imagination. That said, if the right idea hits me, who knows?

Rohitramgiri, thanks! A slight departure, I suppose, though keeping with my recent focus on Judeo-Christian mythology. I'm thinking I should move away from that subject for a while. I mean, I haven't written a robot story in ages! ;)

Rae Ann, thanks for buying a copy of the book! I hope you like it. I thought about having God answer Blasphemel's prayer, but then I remembered some bit of the mythology of Hell that said God doesn't hear prayers from Hell. But you make a good point. It would be rather difficult for him to miss a full-scale demon rebellion. He'd probably come in on the side of the rebels, and offer them sanctuary in Heaven once the fighting is done.

Lisa said...

I absolutely love it. I think I'll just ask you to write any story ideas I have from now on--forget BEING a writer!!! Seriously, you amaze me. Your imagery is always so eyebrows feel a bit singed just from reading it!

Chris said...

Thank you, Lisa. I'm pleased to know I did service to your idea. :)

But don't think this gets you off the hook. I fully expect to start seeing some fiction from you soon. ;)

Hope-So said...

It would be great to go on with this story. The pictures in my mind and the way my heart began to beat faster...I wasn't ready for it to be over. I just snuggled up to a cup of coffee and my mouse began to scroll. I hope you feel inspired to go on with it. If not, I await the next adventure.

Chris said...

Thanks Hope, and I'm happy to know I go well with a cup of coffee. ;)

As for continuing the story, there seems to be considerable interest in that.

Hmmm. An idea is forming in this weird little brain of mine.

Kat and Hope, be careful what you ask for...and Lisa, I'm looking in your direction as well...

(insert maniacal laughter here)

Hope-So said...

Chris- Hold on to my turn for right now. I think you will get more than what you bargined for. Give met he chance to think about it. I may not be able to write, but I will let you know to release my turn. For now, maybe I will find a journey for our hero, if I can. I will like the opportunity. It is fitting.

Rae Ann said...

I can see a merging of the Messiah story and this one if you were so inclined. Just a thought!

akropp said...

yeah chris, you should continue this story (then again, i think you should continue alot of them).