Wednesday, June 22, 2005

That Special Someone

It had been so long since he'd laughed like this. Just a deep full belly laugh, what his mom used to call "laughing from the soul". Wow, it felt good. Even more so since he couldn't stop. He just kept laughing and laughing. He doubled over, clutching his stomach as he continued to laugh.

He stood, wiping tears from his eyes. He sighed, and looked around the room. This brought fresh peals of laughter and he doubled over again. God, but he just felt so GOOD! For the longest time, he'd been in the worst funk. Nothing had been going right for him. Between his lousy job, lack of any real friends and the fear that would just creep up on him unawares... well, he'd had better times in his life, and few that were worse.

But then he met her. And she brought joy back into his life. She loved him, truly and deeply, and he didn't think there had ever been a woman who'd felt that way. So many of his relationships had been polite distant affairs, where he felt like the women had only been there until they were gone.

Then he met her. She was wonderful. Beautiful, smart, funny... and she loved him. He knew it. From the way she looked at him when she told him so, to the way her body clung to his when they made love and the way she would stare deeply into his eyes during her orgasms, he just knew. She was the one. She shared everything with him, and let him into her life.

And she made him laugh.

Finally, he was able to stop laughing. He wiped his eyes again and went to find her. He found her in the bathroom, kneeling next to the tub. She looked up at him and smiled, that special smile she saved only for him.

"Could you give me a hand with this?" she asked.

"Sure honey," he said, a small contented chuckle escaping his lips. "I'm all done in the bedroom, if you want to check."

She smiled again and kissed his cheek, then walked out of the bathroom, leaving him to finish up. He grinned and began to whistle, picking up the hacksaw.

The arms generally came off with no trouble, likewise the head. The legs usually required some extra muscle, so he always had to finish for her.

But he didn't mind.

She made him laugh.


Lisa said...

oh, dude.

that was fucking AWESOME.

a surprise ending, alrighty! you're evil and twisted--frighteningly enough, this makes me smile

Lily said...

What Lisa said....

can't wait to read the rest!

Paul said...

Excellent, great ending! Your third paragraph is a little long, but the ending makes it all worth it. Fantastic!

Chris said...

Thanks everybody! I appreciate you stopping by and the kind words. More to come...

Hope-So said...

Yeah, there is always some kind of 'skeleton' to contend with when you fall in love.